Cultural Responsive Media & Diversity

Team Trainings and Workshops

Culturally Responsive Marketing©

The Culturally Responsive Marketing Framework© is a lens through which content is created and analyzed, with consideration being given to the intrinsic needs of audiences, based on their cultural and ethnic identities. The framework was birthed out of the need for, and lack of, authentic representation and multicultural diversity in media.


Our CRMF© training is a professional development series that works with each level of your team i s culturally aware and responsive to the needs of your consumers and stakeholders. These interactive hands-on training use activities, discussions, and take away resources to meet the needs of your organization and team members.

Introduction to

Cultural Sensitivity

How is your team

'doing it for the culture?'

In this session, we have difficult conversations about race, power, and privilege, as they relate to your organization's mission and purpose. This training is best suited as an introductory all staff training.

Culturally Responsive Content Creation

Do consumers see themselves in your content?


In this session, we work with content creators to understand how to view their work through the lens of the multicultural markets they’re creating for. This training is best suited for anyone creating content, ranging from writers and copy editors to marketers and graphic designers.

Language, Framing,

and Discourse

How do you use language to tell stories?

Language shapes our lives. It is the difference between compelling story and confusing story. In this training, we work with writers and storytellers to understand how to use language effectively using rhetoric, persuasion, and the Culturally Responsive Media Framework©. This training is best suited for writers and copy-editors.